I provide translation services in the following language pairs: English  Russian and Greek Russian.


My Subject-Matter Expertise:



Elena A. Bunkova | IT Translations

The IT sector is one of the fastest growing sectors. When developing any IT product (software, mobile application or website), a huge number of documents are created that require translation. Therefore, there is no doubt that translators who are subject-matter experts in IT translation are becoming more and more in demand nowadays.

During my training in Web Designer: Advanced Course retraining program (320 hours), I got acquainted with the necessary terminology, and understood how IT specialists work. Therefore, I decided to introduce the knowledge gained into my main activity, translation. IT translations are complicated by the fact that this area is quite young, rapidly developing, so there is no generally accepted terminology. There are a lot of loan translations in IT sector. IT translation projects are often have no context; and there is not always an opportunity for direct interaction between the translator and the developer. Any agreement, End User License Agreement (EULA), Privacy Policy, Terms of Use or User Manual will necessarily contain terms and expressions that a translator without the appropriate subject-matter expertise will not be able to translate precisely and accurately by selecting exact translation equivalents and terms. Therefore, for a high-quality translation of IT documents, contact a translator with the appropriate subject-matter expertise.

Do you need a translation of IT documents? Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you have for me. I'm more than happy to help.





Elena A. Bunkova | Financial Translations

In addition to standard financial documents, I also translate more complex documents concerning M&A transactions, private equity, financial markets and institutions, investments, monetary regulation, banking services, risk management, transfer pricing and forensic, etc. You can count on a high-quality result, as I regularly improve my knowledge and gain experience in this area. I have now completed Financial Markets and Institutions course of the Higher School of Economics, Sberbank Corporate University course in Banking and Finance, as well as Fundamentals of Corporate Finance course of the Higher School of Economics. I am also constantly expanding my terminology base, which helps me better deal with the translation of financial documents.





Elena A. Bunkova | Legal Translations

Among my clients there are large international law firms that are members of the Magic Circle, which allows me to expand my experience and enrich my knowledge in legal translations. I know how difficult it can be to find an exact match in Russian to a legal term in English, which often denotes completely different legal realities, and I share your opinion about how important it is to understand the peculiarities of Anglo-Saxon and Romano-Germanic law.






Elena A. Bunkova | Business Translations

I gained practical knowledge and extensive practical experience in translating business documents for companies registered in the Republic of Cyprus and other offshore zones. I have lived in Cyprus for more than 9 years, which allowed me to communicate with native speakers of Greek and English, to study the culture of communications, corporate customs and traditions of local business.





I make my translations in line with:

  • requirements of ISO 17100 industry standard Translation Services—Requirements for Translation Services, Russian interstate standard GOST 7.36-2006 System of Standards for Information, Librarianship and Publishing Industry. Unpublished Translation. General Requirements and Formatting Rules  

  • Style Guide (developed by myself for my regular clients)

  • financial and legal terminology

  • stylistics of financial and legal documents.

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