Below is a list of documents whose translations are ordered to me most often. Extensive experience in working with such documents, the existence of appropriate forms and templates, as well as the glossaries allow me to provide my clients with translations of these documents on a rush basis at a standard rate. Read more on FS & M&AA Translation page.
  • Financial (Accounting) Statements

  • Bank Statements

  • Securities Account Statements

  • Extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE)/Uniform State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (USRIE)

  • Tax and Other Certificates

  • Agreements/Contracts

  • Constituent Documents

  • Power of Attorney (POA)


  • I make my translations in line with:

  • requirements of ISO 17100 industry standard Translation Services—Requirements for Translation Services, Russian interstate standard GOST 7.36-2006 System of Standards for Information, Librarianship and Publishing Industry. Unpublished Translation. General Requirements and Formatting Rules  

  • Style Guide (developed by myself for my regular clients)

  • financial and legal terminology

  • stylistics of financial and legal documentation

  • translation order deadlines

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